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I searched for a tool for managing project tasks for me and my colleagues – and I found www.wunderlist.com – a great service offered by the 6 Wunderkinder GmbH. It’s a free task list manager that runs in a browser or – as a rich client – on nearly every (common) platform.

But I missed something like a dedicated page that shows only one auto-updated task list so I can display it on a big screen in our office.

But hey – this is the world of web-services – everyone can access any data in any needed way. Due to the SOP there is no way to call the AJAX-service directly from my page – but with a little help of a JSON-P-alike php-script for reading the data the „magic“ is done. Hint: the script returns all lists with active entries. A simple html/javascript-page is used for displaying the (selected) data. You can test it under wunderlist.naberius.de.

The needed files can be downloaded here.

(Don’t forget to set your email/pwd in getTaskList.php and the name of the list in the view-page index.html)

Edit: update the view-page to look a little…
Edit2: update the view-page – now has a css-progressbar/shows time&date…


Cool, thx for sharing!

Jan ( 18/11/2011 um 09:37 Uhr )

I modified your script a bit and integrated it into an app for the internet-rabbit „karotz “ (www.karotz.com) – it‘ ll now read wunderlist todos. It was very quick jobs, thanks to the stuff your shared – thank you!

However, how did you obtain the URL for list retrieval and do you know if there’s a REST-URL which will return even empty todo-Lists (http://www.wunderlist.com/ajax/lists/filtered/ doesn’t) ? I can’t distinguish between „List is empty“ and „list does not exist“ at the moment.

Marcus ( 10/06/2012 um 10:04 Uhr )

    I used Firefox with Firebug to get the needed URL(s)/track down the function of wunderlist. On first time you call the page a list of all available list-ids and their names is omitted (sadly the data is embedded into the html an must be parsed out). If you try to fetch a valid list, the response is a JSON-String and contains at least {„status“:“success“,“data“:“…, „count“:“„} – where contains the number of entries – so for an empty valid list status=success and count>=0. If you dry to fetch a nonexistent list the response only contains: {„status“:“failure“}. …nice gadget that karotz… could have the power for realizing an idea „agents for wunderlist“: plugable modules that monitor the (physical) environment (maybe a server) and automatically creating a todo-entry if something happens (do the backup, stupid…). if the admin arrives the karotz detects his RFID-key and told him to do so….

    hecke ( 10/06/2012 um 17:47 Uhr )

Nice! 🙂

Sebastian ( 24/07/2012 um 15:56 Uhr )

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